Headquartered in Sydney of Australia, NEWSTEMCELL AUSTRALIA is aninternational health management company for stem cellintervention We are the topanti-aging regenerative medicine hospital, with the aim to bring this cutting-edgetechnology into your life through anti-aging treatment.

We are the home of the most advanced life science technoogies in the word. Ourservices include cell storage, cell intervention and anti-agng precision medicineve are very proud to provide the safest, the most advanced, and the mostsystematic health management sevices n all aspects for our distinguished centsmcel Australia is an one-stop fe &health management hospital, and we arehere to help you to embrace the beauty of your incredible life.


Adress:Park House Level 1, 187 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW

Zip code:2000

Tel:T: 1300 006 668; 02 8072 9098