• Face rejuvenation

    Autologous ADSC facial anti-aging intervention Autologous stem cells are the essence of skin regeneration, and vitality is the source of young skin Endogenous aging Main characteristics: Declining elastic web, decreased elasticity, wrinkles...

    2020-03-18 admin 134

  • Osteoarticular repair and regeneration

    Osteoarticular repair and regeneration Autologous ADMSCs, one of the important members of the autologous stem cell family, belong to pluripotent stem cells. Under specific conditions, Theycan differentiate into various tissues and organs, i...

    2020-03-18 admin 157

  • Anti-hair loss & hair regeneration

    Autologous ADSC Aging/male hair loss intervention A new method can activate stem cells in hair follicles to promote hair growth, and it may help researchers todevelop new medicineforhair growth for people suffering hair loss or baldness. Ge...

    2020-03-18 admin 226

  • Functional Repair of the Entire Body

    Main effects on anti-aging 1. Significantly enhance physical energy, and effectively improve the overall body status. 2. Improve the nervous systems, and change the mental outlook: It promotesthe re-development of neuronal cells, increasest...

    2020-03-18 admin 219

  • Functional Repair of Male Genitalia

    Intervention effects Autologous ADMSC interventionin male functions Autologous ADMSC in combination with exosomal factors Corpus cavernosum injection Impotence intervention: Promote thedevelopment of vascularendothelial cells for more abund...

    2020-03-18 admin 171


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