• Systemic functional repair

    Main effects on anti-aging 1. Slowthe aging: anti-aging infusion ofstem cells can slow the aging and prolong life. 2. Improve the nervous systems functions, and change the mental outlook: It promotes there-development of neuronal cells, inc...

    2020-03-17 admin 235

  • Osteoarticular

    Osteoarticular repairand regeneration Autologous ADMSCs, one of the important members of the autologousstem cell family, belong to pluripotent stem cells. Under specific conditions,They can differentiate into various tissues and organs, inc...

    2020-03-17 admin 131

  • Ovarian repair and regeneration

    Ovarian function declineDiminished ovarian reserve (DOR) Decreased reproductive function(Low fertility, infertility) Decreased hormone secretion function (Irregularmenstrual cycle; irregular menstrual blood volume;amenorrhea) On average, th...

    2020-03-17 admin 171

  • Breasts and Buttocks plentiful

    Breast Augmentation with Autologous ADSC Autologous ADSCs can enlarge the breast. The disadvantage of autologous fat breast augmentation is that it loses and absorbs in a quick manner, and cannot last long. However, autologous cells can be...

    2020-03-17 admin 138

  • Anti hair loss, hair regeneration

    Autologous ADSCsIntervention in Postpartum and Age Related Hair Loss A new method can activate stemcells in hair follicles to promotehair growth, and it may helpresearchers to develop newmedicine for hair growth forpeople suffering hair los...

    2020-03-17 admin 188

  • Face Rejuvenation

    Autologous ADSC facial anti-aging intervention Autologousstemcellsarethe essenceofskinregeneration,andvitalityisthesourceofyoungskin Endogenous aging Main characteristics: Declining elasticweb,decreasedelasticity,wrinkles Causes of endogeno...

    2020-03-16 admin 237


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