Dr. Frank Zhu

Dr. Frank Zhu

Dr Frank Zhu was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu.  In 1976, he graduated from high school and jumped the queue in rural areas. In 1978, he was admitted to Shanghai Second Military Medical University. He graduated in 1983 and stayed at the affiliated Changhai Hospital. In 1986, he studied for a master's degree in clinical medicine.  , in the same year was rated as the school's A-level teacher.  In 1994, he was elected as a member of the Internal Medicine Committee of the Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Medical Association.  During his work in Changhai Hospital, he published "Practical Anti-Infection Handbook" and actively participated in the compilation of "Internal Medicine" and "Internal Medicine Yearbook", and also published many medical research papers.
 In 1995, he was awarded the European Community Marie-Curie Research Fellowship to study at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, England, the second largest cancer center in the world. The following year the paper was published in the International Journal of Cancer of WHO.
 In 1997, he was invited to the Baker Medical Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia, to continue cancer research and published two papers.
 In 2000, he passed the overseas doctor qualification examination and resumed his work as a clinician.  In 2006, he became a General Practitioner (GP), and in 2012, he obtained a certificate from the Royal Australian GP College and became a GP Specialist.
 In addition to busy clinical work, Dr. Zhu spent 3 years completing and publishing the "Australian Anti-infection Handbook" (Australian Anti-infection Handbook).  The book was later published by Elsevier Books under the title "Anti-infection Handbook" and distributed to English-speaking countries around the world.  The book has been listed by some state health departments as a reference book for use by hospital physicians.  The book is also a convenient and practical reference for GP.  The book has been collected by the Australian National Library and the New South Wales State Library, as well as by the Library of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the Second Military Medical University Library.
 Dr. Zhu's life story has been included in the famous "Who's Who in the World" in the United States.  He was also awarded the "Outstanding Scholars of the 20th Century" Medal in Cambridge, UK.


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