Autologous ADSC Intervention for senile degenerative arthrit

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Autologous ADSC Intervention for senile degenerative arthritis 

Ms. Zhang- 60 years old, and had a history of knee arthritis for 9 years

Ms. Zhang had been suffering from joint swelling and pain, and it was difficult for her to bend and stretch her joints and walk steadily. She relied on medication to relieve her pain heavily every day, and could not walk for a long time. Her movement was limited due to such conditions. Th excessive weight and knee-joint movement made the condition worse. Since she was retired, she often went to travel with her friends. However, what made her feel unhappy was that she couldn't walk much! One day she heard that autologous stem cells can repair sports tissue injury, and decided to have a try upon multiple consultations. 

Intervention treatment of autologous ADSCs is as follows: 

In April 2016, 100ml fat was extracted, and 300 million autologous ADSCs were obtained in collaboration with Magellan Lab after 6 weeks of Australian TGA certification. Australian licensed medical experts developed an exclusive anti-aging program for her with 300 million autologous ADSCs. 100 million autologous ADSCs were divided into 4 parts for intravenous transplantation within one year to perform systemic function intervention for anti-aging repair; the rest 200 million autologous ADSCs were divided into 4 injections into the knee-joint cavity on both sides within one years. Ms. Zhang's spontaneous pain was relived 3 days after the first injection, and disappeared after 1 week. After 2 weeks, she had stopped taking the painkiller that she had for 9 years. Her knee joint had become softer, and her mobility increased significantly. She could walk for longer distance and a longer time. In addition, her sleep quality, physical strength and mental state have all improved significantly. After two years, she travelled overseas with her friends, climbed the Yellow Mountain, and conducted other outdoor activities for several times. She could act just like normal people, which is extremely impressive. 


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